Zentangle: The Creative Pattern Art


Zentangle art is an unplanned, abstract, black-and-white/colored art made up of beautiful, repeating patterns. The unplanned nature of this Zentangle art form very often leads to unpredictable results that would amaze both the artists (your kids) and their audience. While it starts with the absolute basics, it imposes no limits for your child’s creativity, maturity, and sophistication.  

When artists Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts created them, the idea was to have an art form that could induce a calming effect on the artist and thus become a creative form of stress management. However, it turns out that this art form has gained traction and expands its reach. When color and different medium is added into the process, it has evolved in its delivery, diversity, and sophistication. Art teachers have found that it is a great way to introduce drawing skills, as it motivates children to experiment with lines, contours, value, texture, forms and shapes. It is not intimidating and is fun to practice!  


  • ​Well-practiced with basic drawing skills via Zentangle projects
  • Gain understanding about color theory, a practical guidance of coloring mixing and the visual effect of different combinations
  • Acquire basic skills of using patterns to create desirable effects
  • Specialize painting skills in using felt pens and brushes
  • Practice positive thinking and relaxation for creative problem solving


Drawing is a practical skill that would also increase the quality of life for your child. Beyond that, it reduces stress, enhance eye-hand coordination, improve attention, and encourages creative problem solving. Most importantly, it gives your child plenty of opportunities to enjoy. Have you ever thought of a learning activity that can come with so many additional benefits?  Isn’t it such an easily accessible and versatile activity that is so perfect for the summer of your child?