Writing Children’s Rhymes & Poems


Your child will be very proud when he/she shows you his/her e-book published online. Yes, it is a very attainable goal with the guidance of our camp teachers, and it will be a process full of humor.

Human brains are wired to love poems, especially the ones that rhyme. The musical component does the trick and motivates kids to keep creating. Writing rhymes and poetry allows children to express their thoughts and emotions in fun and creative ways. While playing with words, your child will get in touch with his/her artistic and empathetic side.


  • Practice descriptive words and build a word bank for them
  • ​Write poems in different types, acrostic, five line, Haikus, Haiku, limericks, nursery rhymes, and tongue twisters
  • Get familiarized with a children book publishing platform and publish their literary work online
  • Become confident and interested in experimenting different types of writing
  • Find joy in being creative and enjoy the humor with friends

THE BIG PICTURE Not only does poetry help build vocabularies and language skills, but also provide an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of words, fosters passion of writing and build confidence in experimenting different forms of writing. While it is a good channel to healthily express emotions, it also encourages children to express them in unlimited creative ways. There is never a better time like this camp for your child to enjoy writing poems when time and space is abundant to explore, discover, and create.