Write and Tell an Engaging Story


You will be very proud of him/her when you see your child presenting an engaged audience a funny story that he/she creates!

Build your kid’s confidence and speaking skills with our weekly public speaking camps. Your child will be introduced to the basics of creative writing while building vocabulary, understanding analysis through writing, and creating their own unique writing style.  Applying what they have learned, they will create a short story and present it in front of an audience. This camp activity is great for both shy and bold students. It will enhance teamwork between students and help each student hone their public speaking skills to engage the audience by maintaining eye contact, using various tones of voice, facial expressions, and body language.


  • ​Apply concepts of story components, which are the plot, characters, setting, conflict, and resolution, to writing an interesting story
  • Apply basic public speaking skills, eye contact, pace, tone, body language, and facial expressions, to tell an engaging story (60 to 120 seconds)
  • Acquire skills to grab readers’ attention by making good word choice
  • Discover the joy of being silly and creative
  • Empowered by a supportive group of learners and gain confidence in speaking in front of a people

THE BIG PICTURE Ability to effectively communicate one’s ideas is proven to be essential for children’s healthy development, friendship building, and command leadership as they grow up. Being comfortable to speak in front of a group of people builds a child’s confidence and esteem. It’s never too late to start but starting early and in a supportive environment makes it easier. Practicing public speaking skills with funny stories would make a perfect activity for the summer!