World and Food Tour in 5 Days


World and Food Tour in 5 Days is a great way to inspire kids with fun and expose them to other cultures. It is a fun-filled way to nurture love for exploration and foster a sense of empathy and respect for other cultures. With hands-on and simulation activities, your child will experience the unique customary lifestyle and heritage.

The schedule for this summer camp is based on a one-week summer camp. The idea is to cover one to two major cities in different parts of the world each day, focusing more on Australia, India, China, Italy, Canada, Africa, and Brazil. Students will travel with their passport and get “entry” stamps whenever they participate in cultural activities (food, crafts, fashion, celebrations, customs, games, and entertainment, etc.) Your child will experience diversity around the globe and create a tour journal, while collecting souvenirs along the way!


​Familiarized with map reading skills and apply them to locate different countries in the world

  • Practice cultural journalism
  • Connect how different weather and living environment give rise to different customs and life styles
  • Enjoy opportunities to celebrate cultural holidays and appreciate the food and fun during the special events
  • Gain cultural awareness of different cultural etiquette


Learning about world cultures goes beyond map reading skills and saying “hello, thank you” in different languages. While children learn about cultures of other people, they also get opportunities to reflect upon the culture of their own. The process solidifies their own identity and help them empathize and appreciate others’ experience. The empathy and appreciation evolve into tolerance, respect, and a day-to-day team play attitude.