When Amazing Colors Meet Magical Light


Mixing of colors is a perfect activity for elementary school aged children: color mixing theme, learning about colors and sensory play. We’ve decided to create some more fun science ideas for kids having to do with light. The concept is optical Illusions, which uses color and light to create images that can be deceptive to our brains. In this camp, your kid will find experiments that will help them understand the physics of light and biology of the brain. Another activity explores our solar system with a light-up space mobile and meteor launcher. Kids are even going to create their own light show! While learning about optical science, children will have unlimited opportunities to explore and discover. And of course, to have tremendous fun!


  • ​Gain knowledge in the physical properties of light 
  • Gain understanding about “addition and subtraction” of light via experimentation 
  • Opportunity to apply this physical knowledge to create a light show
  • Learn about how our brains respond and process lights of different wavelengths 
  • Enjoy the “illusions” created by his/her own brain and share the fun in the process


It is a common saying that, for “artistic-leaning” kids, studying physics is often a bit “dry”.  The mission of this camp is to demystify this idea by making studying the physics of light non-intimidating and fun.  The goal is to foster children’s passion in STEM, stimulate intellectual curiosity for life-long learning, and build confidence in serious pursue. After all, science and art are just different sides of the same token!