The Young Scientist


The Young Scientist themed camp is designed to promote interest and literacy in science among children in their early school life through fun-filled scientific processes and experiments. Eggs Dropping Competition, Magnetic motion, pendulum power, to name a few. Besides being the scientist, you child will also play the role of a science journalist, who will write the narratives of how the science would be relevant and benefit the public.

Your child will immerse in this enriching learning experiences that support and enhance exploration, create excitement and facilitate scientific discoveries. But most importantly, he/she will gain opportunities to develop a scientific mind and the skills to communicate the research process through lab reports and science journalism.


  • Become well practiced in the scientific process: asking a question, research, hypothesize, experiment, record, analyze, and conclude
  • Develop critical thinking for science learning via experiments and the related scientific knowledge
  • Develop skills to communicate scientific information via practices of writing lab reports and science journals 


Learning how to think like a scientist is equally important as learning the science information.  Learning how to learn may not sound as tangible as the science knowledge itself, but ultimately the former is the foundation of the later, without which, the young learners will just recite the facts without the critical thinking. So which type of learning outcome would you prefer to see for your child?