Talent Show with LEDs


What makes this half-day camp unique is its purposeful design to integrate Art and Science by applying physics concepts to build art projects such as the cute Teddy Bear Charm with light-up hearts and painted messenger bag laced with LED lights in a constellation pattern.  Your child will have a blast in designing Light up Art Show, Constellation Messenger Bag, Glow Lab, Teddy Bear, to name a few. Working in teams to design their creative-high-tech products, students will enjoy plenty of building team spirit and supportive social interactions.


  • Acquire fundamental concepts about electric circuit via hand-on projects
  • Apply knowledge of LED functionalities to product design
  • Understand how consumer products have used lights as part of the design.
  • Experience in creating his/her products of preference, such as Teddy Bear Charm and a messenger bag.
  • Confident in displaying creativity

THE BIG PICTURE It is a common saying that, for “artistic-leaning” kids, studying physics is often a bit “dry”.  The mission of this camp is to demystify this idea by making studying the physics of light non-intimidating and fun.  The goal is to foster children’s passion in STEM, stimulate intellectual curiosity for life-long learning, and build confidence in serious pursue. After all, science and art are just different sides of the same token!