Most parents and of course their kids included would think that summer camp is strictly for fun. Summer life should be laid-back. Vacations only will fit the summer atmosphere. However, researches indicate that you may want to reconsider your kids’ summer camp arrangement to include some academic programs in there. Academic summer camp does make sense though at times counter-intuitive.

Here’s why.

First, you are letting your kids know that academic programs can be fun. You don’t want your kids to be under the impression that school year academics are like prison time and that summer is all but “get out of prison free”. Such a message has a long-lasting effects on your kids, especially at young age that academics are to be hated.

Second, summer camp should be a fun and academic mixture. Such a pairing might actually help your kids to enjoy both. And helps younger kids with knowledge retention. It makes it easier for a transition back to school in the following fall.

Third, researches show that a fruitful summer camp with carefully arranged programs will differentiate kids among different groups and localities. It impacts the quality of learning in the following school year.

Therefore, don’t take your choices for summer camp lightly for your kids. We hope you may consider Camp Legend, a summer camp in Cupertino that mixes fun with academics. To find out more, please visit or call (408)253-6944.

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