Meet well-defined learning goals each week

Reach a milestone on your roadmap

Have lots of fun

Portfolio showing success

Ready for the next level

Fun with a Purpose

We always want to make sure that summer camps are fun for your child as this is the only opportunity during the year that he/she can recuperate. We regard this as a “mind and heart maintenance” process. And this process is essential for minimizing burn out and refreshing his/her desire to pursue life-long learning. Yet, having fun does not necessarily imply “doing whatever” the whole time. At Legend’s summer camp, we promote meaningful and purposeful fun, which is the result of your child being allowed, encouraged, and supported to discover, explore, and create. Weekly summer camps are offered in different interest areas, Programming, Robotics, Hands-on Science, Fine Arts, Creative Writing, and Public Speaking. Purposeful fun also comes when he/she goes through new experience, learns new skills, and sees things from a new perspective. It is also a product of establishing new friendship via sharing a common goal.

Does this align with your parenting philosophy? Is this also what you are looking for your child?

STEM Camps

Programming: Scratch and Python
Robotics: Lego WeDo, EV3, LittleBits
Hands-on Science: Mechanics, Electricity, Light


Communication Camps

Creative Writing: Story Writing, Rhymes, and Poems
Public Speaking: Story Telling, PPT Creation and Presentation,
Science Report Presentation


Lots of Summer Fun

A joyful summer through exploration, discovery, and creativity

Numerous Options

Wide varieties of camp themes and mix-and-match options under 2 tracks on the roadmap: STEM and Communication Camps


Convenience for Parents

– Professional, responsive management
– Before and after camp extended care
– balanced meals with diet options

What are you waiting For? Join Legend now for a memorable summer!