Shopping Spree


Treat your child to a fun, shopping themed camp which is a great math session for kids. Shopping Spree is designed to improve your child’s entrepreneurship skill, problem-solving ability, and creativity.

The ultimate goal of this theme is to learn and apply math knowledge in daily activities. But it also happens to spark each child’s creative side, to find a hook in their mind through selling different kinds of merchandise designed and created by themselves. Not only does the theme offer the fun element, but it also encourages children to explore art by creating unique art pieces and coding motorized toy cars and animals.


  • ​Acquire math operation skills and practice them via shopping activities
  • Gain familiarity of US monetary system through counting coins and bills, operations, placing values for merchandise, etc.
  • Acquire robotics/coding skills (Lego, Dash and Dot) and/or art skills (3-dimensional art) via simulation projects of “merchandise design for his/her stores”
  • Practice team building via appreciation of a common sense of achievement


Math could be challenging but putting it to use in a simulated context is proved to be an effective way to overcome them.  When math activities are integrated with creative projects, children’s minds are more broadly stimulated and as both sides of their brains are activated. When it happens, learning has become more meaningful and students are more engaged! Is your child ready?