Robotics with EV3, LittleBits, and Dash & Dot

THE FUN with Robotics

With the Avengers Arm & Base Inventor Kit, your child becomes his/her own super hero by customizing their high-tech Robo-arm in this robotics camp! Students can code the Robotic Arm to perform different functions, such as changing the matrix of color screens. The goal of this robotics summer camp is to help students understand the interactivity between hardware and software functions of electronics devices. They will learn programming on different popular platforms, namely Lego robotics EV3, Dash and Dot, and LittleBits. The robots can hear sounds, detect objects, and can sense your body movement and gestures. 


  • Acquire coding skills in different block-based programming environments
  • Apply the coding skills on different robots including Lego robotics EV3, Dash and Dot and Littlebits
  • Build and connect different hardware components in robotics, such as lights, sensors and switches.
  • Enjoy plenty of opportunities of exploration and to be innovative
  • Experience the power of team work and support to conquer challenges, solve problems, and enjoy the ultimate satisfaction of success


As technology is such a big part of our daily life that coding has become an essential and fundamental skill.  Besides programming skills, coding and robotics programs stimulate curiosity, offer opportunities to innovate, encourage team, and instill persistence.