Painting and Cartooning


The goal of this camp is to unleash the young artist within. Your child will be introduced to different media and will be given options to practice on variety of themes and different challenge levels but with an emphasis on acrylic painting and water color. He/She will explore various drawing techniques in different styles in cartooning in a creative and fun environment. The course will provide kids with the opportunity to learn more about the shows, games and art they love as well as create work of their own. Final art pieces will be displayed on the center’s gallery and parents are invited to tour on the last day of the week.


  • ​Be inspired by artists creating cartoons with different styles and shadow them
  • Practice fundamental cartooning skills and illustrations of dramatic facial expressions
  • Gain understanding about color theory, a practical guidance of color mixing and the visual effect of different combinations
  • Acquire basic painting skills and specialize in acrylic and water color painting
  • Experience using different media, brushes, and related painting supplies to achieve desirable results
  • Find joy in having the space to be creative and discover new ways of producing art

THE BIG PICTURE Little kids are masters of the moment – while they are creating, art helps boost their self-confidence. While art encourages creativity, it also builds patience and determination. It helps children regulate their emotions and gives them joy as they see beauty and accomplishment.