The AP Scholar program aims at providing highly motivated and talented students an opportunity to fit more AP level coursework into their busy schedules. Course delivery is arranged in the context of blended learning. Self-motivated students will find the content-rich, independent study portion of blended learning helpful in progressing at a pace determined by him/her. They may choose from our diverse course list AP’s that are of interest to them and that fit into their college plan. A discount is offered for multiple course enrollments.

Who will be benefited from the program?

  • When you need more AP level courses to enrich your study plan
  • When you want to fit one more AP level course into your busy schedule
  • When you want to get yourself ready for any AP level course

Program Highlights:

  • Early Admissions to Community and Four-year Colleges
  • Free University of California College Prep Course
  • Free Proctored mid-term and Final Exams
  • Free College Admissions Counseling
  • Free Training Sessions for Academic Related Skills
  • Flexible Class Schedule and Personalized Study Plan
  • Rich Selection of College Prep Courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
  • Highly Qualified Teaching Staff
  • All Science Courses Come with University of California Accredited Labs



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