Intro. to Coding and Robotics


Your child loves building toys and is fascinated by seeing them in motions? Then he/she will find this camp most enjoyable!  

Learning how to code through robotics is an effective way to help your child progress from a computer lover to creator. To foster interest in coding and robotics, this camp is designed to introduce basic coding concepts to children like yours, using Lego’s icon-based WeDo programming. From basics of coding and game design to artificial intelligence, this weekly camp have been designed to educate, entertain and inspire. Your child will also learn about two robotic friends called Dash & Dot and the basics of coding on an Ipad environment. Dash & Dot partner with each other to perform different tricks such as drawing pictures, singing songs, blinking lights and dancing around. You name it!


  • ​Acquire basic coding skills via Lego’s icon-based WeDo platform on PC
  • Get familiarized with block-based programming with Dash-and-Dot on Ipad
  • Gain understanding about and apply concepts of “functional design” via varieties of robotics projects (without necessarily knowing the big term)
  • Enjoy plenty of opportunities of exploration and to be innovative
  • Experience the power of team work and support to conquer challenges, solve problems, and enjoy the ultimate satisfaction of success


As technology is such a big part of our daily life that coding has become an essential and fundamental skill.  Besides programming skills, coding and robotics programs stimulate curiosity, offer opportunities to innovate, encourage team, and instill persistence.