Legend College Preparatory 2015 – 16 School Year

Identifying your child’s learning needs and narrowing down the options available to them can be a tedious and overwhelming process. At Legend College Preparatory, we lessen the burden of planning ahead by assessing needs and prescribing courses of actions tailored to you. We begin at the middle school level when it is a crucial opportunity to help our students conquer weaknesses and build up strengths and confidence to equip them for the demands of high school and college. See us at Legend for an action plan now. We recognize the importance of education and offer free course consultation for those who are new to the Legend Academic System. Please contact Consult@LegendCP.com for a consultation appointment.

For current students, we continue to offer coursework in various disciplines enabling you to differentiate yourselves and pursue personal interests. Our courses are rigorous, but they are certainly a helpful sneak peek into the fast pace intensity of college studies. Complemented with the benefit of small group instructor attention, effective guidance, and a multitude of program options, it’s the best formula for success in the future. Continue to opt in with LCP during the school year for a flexible study schedule that considers your individual lifestyle without sacrificing your learning goals.

AP Courses Increase Your Academic Rigor

AP courses are no longer limited to high school upperclassmen. Thinking about adding more AP’s to your course load? Don’t shy away from it. AP courses challenge your academic boundaries; though it may seem overwhelming attempting to take as many as 10 to 15 AP’s, there is an art to organizing courses for manageability that Legend staff can help you with. By pursuing a rigorous and comprehensive course of study, you stand out and simultaneously demonstrate a capability to keep up and even thrive at the college level. Our students often start taking AP Human Geography and AP Psychology as early as 9th grade. 

Pre-AP Courses

Pre-AP courses provide solid foundational skills for their corresponding APs. They serve as a good transition from middle school and underclassman study skills to the academic vitality required of at the high school level. Below are some examples of Pre-AP courses. 

  • Engineering Geometry with Physics is a popular pre-AP course. Students learn geometry along with physics. This course fulfils both geometry and introductory physics requirements for UC approved credit. It is also a prep course for AP Physics 1.


  • Another popular pre-AP course is the Introduction to Java Programming. It is a prep course for AP Computer Science and acts as the initial step for our programming coursework.


  • Pre-calculus Honors is a complete prep course for both AP Calculus AB and BC. The course covers all Pre-calculus topics and offers an introduction to Calculus A.
  • Biology Honors and Chemistry Honors are pre-requisites for their corresponding AP courses. 

Middle School

Getting high school credits during middle school years show colleges what advanced coursework you have done early. Middle school is the time when the student should develop academic and self-sufficiency skills needed for advanced high school studies. Enrolling in a high school course at Legend prepares middle school students for the increased rigor associated with our high school coursework. Legend’s Pre-AP courses are a wise choice because they foster critical thinking skills while introducing research-oriented learning.

New Courses

Legend continues its effort to offer new courses to make your course of study as customized as possible. Science Algebra is an introductory course in Algebra with science application rooted in the curriculum. Middle school students in the district are encouraged to take this course as it aims to give students early exposure to foster interest and comfort in the sciences. Check back often for new courses on the school website.

Credit Recovery

Poor health, large class size, and incompatible learning styles are among the many reasons that even responsible, hard-working students sometimes struggle with particular courses. Students who have earned letter grades of “D” or “F” during the academic year may take advantage of Legend’s credit recovery program. The program allows students to recover lost credits, replace failing grades, take courses in sequence, and graduate on schedule. There are more than 110 UC approved courses in the credit recovery program. You may choose to retake the first semester, the second semester, or both semesters of a course. Although a semester’s content will be retaught in its entirety, emphasis will be placed on areas or concepts that the student previously found challenging. The goal is to ensure that the student not only recovers credits and betters his or her grade, but also becomes proficient enough with the content to progress to the next level. Students who are interested in Legend’s credit recovery program should seek prior approval from their high school guidance counselors. Contact the school office at office@legendcp.com to make necessary arrangements.

Independent Study Arrangements

Students who wish to pursue a particular academic interest further than they are able to in a conventional high school setting can enroll in one of LCP’s academic pathways. Meeting times and methodologies are flexible, and students receive credit upon completion of the course. All independent study courses are taught one-on-one. Refer to our partial list of independent studies for current offerings. Contact the school office at office@legendcp.com for options and availability.


The 2015-16 school year operates on a two-semester schedule. Each semester is 14 weeks long. All classes, except otherwise indicated, meet 2 hours per week. The fall semester begins on September 8th while the spring semester begins in January.

Homework, Assigned Reading, and Research

Students are expected to work independently for readings, assignments, and research for 3 to 5 hours per week in addition to the weekly class meeting. Students may contact the teacher in between class meetings through emails and other online media. 


Course Type Tuition/Semester
Division 1 $975
Division 2 $1080
Pre-AP $1185
AP Courses $1298
All Science: Lab fees $135

Attendance, Workload, & Pace

The school policy requires consistent attendance of a minimum of 12 weeks out of the 14-week schedule. Any student exceeding the maximum allowable absences will be required to immediately arrange for a make-up session. Contact Office@LegendCP.com for the arrangement. Students should expect to spend 3 to 5 hours weekly on assigned readings, homework, projects, and other course-related preparations. Course contents will be paced over the 14-week period for each semester. Additionally, students must be present for the final on the last day of each semester. There are no refunds for dropped or failing students, regardless of the number of school days remaining. Legend doesn’t encourage dropping a course due to students finding a class particularly challenging or boring. Our teaching goal is to enable students to succeed, and we strive to use different teaching methods to fit different learning styles. It is our belief that learning goes hand in hand with perseverance. 

Make-up Session Tuition

No. of Weeks Missed Make-up Hours Needed Division 1 Course Additional Tuition Division 2/Pre-AP Additional Tuition AP Course Additional Tuition
1 1 $50 $55 $65
2 2 $100 $110 130
3 3 $150 $165 $195



Non-Legend College Preparatory students may request that Legend College Preparatory academic transcripts be forwarded to either their home addresses or to the schools of their choice. Please complete the transcript request form fully and accurately to ensure that the transcript includes the student’s legal name and correct forwarding address. Give the school a five work day period to process your request. Transcript request form can be downloaded at http://legendcollegepreparatory.com/transcript-request/. For transcript questions, please contact Transcript@LegendCP.com.


Enrollment can be done online at http://legendcollegepreparatory.com/fall-enrollment-form/. Course changes can be accommodated without incurring additional fees up until August 22, 2015. Please be sure to provide thorough and accurate information when registering your student, as transcripts are extracted from these data fields.

Change of Schedule, Withdrawals, & Refunds

Schedule or course changes and can be accommodated up until August 22, 2015. Although cash refunds are not available, those who decide to withdraw by September 4, 2015, will receive a full refund in the form of credit, which can be applied to the cost of future courses. Withdrawals after September 4, 2015, will receive a 50% refund in the form of credit. Students withdrawing after a session begins are not eligible for a refund.

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