If you are considering taking a Geometry course before entering the 9th grade, you don’t have to wait until summer. You may consider taking a Geometry course concurrently with your middle school math. The Geometry course you are taking at Legend will fulfill the UC Geometry requirement. Please check out our course schedule and list at: http://legendcollegepreparatory.com/course-list/ Enrollment can be done online at: http://legendcollegepreparatory.com/enrollment/ For questions, contact us at info@legendcp.com or give us a call at (408)865-0366 For middle school advance learner, you may consider taking the Engineering Geometry with Physics that fulfill both the Geometry and Physics requirements.

Course Description and Details

Engineering Geometry with Physics – Math (Fulfill UC Geometry Requirement)

Engineering Geometry with Physics – Science (Fulfill UC Physics Requirement)

Two Courses in One 20 Credits in Total (Recommended for advanced 8th and 9th grade)

 Have you ever thought that math and Geometry were boring? Do you often wonder why science and math are important? Do you like to create solutions to problems in a fun and challenging way? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Engineering Geometry with Physics is for you!

In this course students learn how Geometry and Physics have played vital roles in the development and innovation of the world around them through engineering discoveries like catapults, roller coasters, musical instruments, and more. Upon completion of this course, students receive credit in both UC “c” mathematics and UC “d” lab science areas. Students explore the world of engineering and its connected career fields and disciplines.

This is an integrated course utilizing physics concepts and math concepts in an engineering environment. The course is designed to generate interest in physics and math through engineering projects in a way that increases students’ likelihood of success. The applications throughout the course allow students to see the connection between physics and math concepts and engineering design and architectural and structuring engineering. Also, this course could be part of an Engineering Academy in a sequence of Engineering courses.

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