Exciting 10th Grade AP Courses

Dear Parents,

As a part of my specialized course of study, I am opening some new social science courses as well as an AP Physics class to 10th graders. These are a benefit for your student because they are not offered at our local school district. Therefore, they can enrich your child’s education in exclusive ways that you won’t find in the public schools.
It also serves as a great way to differentiate your course of study for college admissions, as very few students have the opportunity to even take AP courses during the Sophomore year.
All of our AP courses naturally include preparation for the AP exam.
Under Social Sciences we offer:
AP World History – Why take this course when you might already be enrolled at school? The difference is in study method. We all, more or less, study the same history. But under the AP standard, the analysis of the material is more rigorous.
AP Psychology – Psychology is a course which is relevant for many fields, as well as drawing attention to interpersonal dynamics that will serve all students well as they work with others in school, at work, and their peers. Colleges find this attractive because they are not just interested in candidates who think of themselves, but can also consider others. Psychology prompts understanding of other people as well as critical thinking skills about humans and society.
AP Macro- and Microeconomics – Our economics courses don’t just involve theory, but from a practical standpoint offer insight into how policy works in the real world on a macro and micro level. Everyone comes out of school knowing how to write and do math. Not everyone gets a chance, at the AP level, to pick up practical ways to think about their world and exploit opportunities. As icing on the cake, these are *dual* credit courses, which means they earn AP and college credits simultaneously!
Under Science we offer:
AP Physics 1 & 2 – Who says you must start Physics in the 11th grade? Who says AP Physics is only for Seniors? What I’d like to let you know is that there is a practical path to let your child finish more AP science courses with little added stress. This also allows for the future potential of having exposure to multiple AP science courses.
Only AP Physics 2 has a prerequisite of Algebra 2, which most 10th graders here have completed.
Additionally, these classes open up a very rare opportunity to take AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism. Beyond colleges, even certain internships look for participation in this class!
Classes meet once per week for two hours. Sign up for the start of our next school year at:
I look forward to seeing your enrollment.
Paul Chan
Legend College Preparatory
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