Dear Parents,

I want to let you know of two courses we are offering to 9th graders which will help differentiate your child’s course of study: AP Human Geography and AP Physics 1. There are some reasons why taking these courses are a no-brainer for any student entering high school.

1.        These courses are not offered in our local district. Yet, it creates gaps in social science coursework as well as science.

2.        They are great opportunities for a 9th grader to begin accumulating AP courses ahead of their peers, which is an advantage in college admissions.

3.        By starting early, there is more time to pursue electives and diverse activities in the coming years.

4.        They are tailored to ease students into a higher standard of learning for future studies – other exclusive courses which include AP World History, AP Physics 2, and AP Physics C.

But there are no reasons given for a lack of social science education in the 9th grade! Just the same, there is no justification for being unable to pursue Physics early on. It isn’t that your child is not capable and does not have the prerequisite ability. In fact, the opposite is true. Your child is ready.

I want to bring down those barriers to entry for students this year and give them a chance to shine.

These classes will meet once each week for two hours for two semesters. Preparations for the May AP exams are included when you take this class. You can find the enrollment form to get started at:

I look forward to seeing your enrollment in these two 9th grade AP courses.


Paul Chan


Legend College Preparatory

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