Fun with Slime, Gel, & Goop


Slime, gel, and goop provides a total sensory experience because it can be stretchy or bouncy; colorful, sparkly, and even glow in the dark! Polymer is the chemical mystery behind the amazing slime. Being a non-Newtonian fluid, acting like between solid and fluid, it always amazes children by its unpredictability and thus brings all the fun.

In a world where children spend a lot of time in classrooms or front of computers, their bodies and brains crave sensory play.  Having fun with slime or gel is a hands-on collaborative activity that lets your child express his/her creativity with different colors and textures. It also encourages his/her to experiment with different recipes for varieties of craft making.  


  • Understand different states of matter, liquid, solid, and gas
  • ​Understand the properties of polymer as a non-Newtonian fluid 
  • Gain scientific thinking through experimentation of different recipes giving out to different polymer textures
  • Find enjoyment in creative activities when using different slime, gel, and goop via artistic projects
  • Discover one’s creativity and artistic abilities

THE BIG PICTURE Sensory play is proven to stimulate curiosity, enhance motor skills development, and build connections in the brain. When it is done in a learning environment, it also fosters scientific thinking, builds problem solving skills, and promote creativity.  Slime production may not be every parent’s flair, but it will be the greatest gift of your child!