Enrichment Classes

STEM and Communication Programs are developed to foster passion of learning in different areas through engaging, hands-on curriculum. It is designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity and broaden interests beyond academic learning.

Class Schedule


  • Develop basic programming concepts through Scratch Program
  • Learn fundamental computing principles
  • Using variables, conditional statements, loops, creating and using lists of variables, calling subprograms, using event controls from a keyboard or mouse, and loading and manipulating images and sounds
  • Project presentation at the end of session


  • Learn iconic programming using WeDo, Mindstorm, & EV3 Lego platform
  • Develop robotic design concepts through learning of mechanical science
  • Build mobile projects for practices
  • Promote and train creative problem solving skills

Hands-on Science

  • Develop a scientific mind
  • Foster a data-driven approach to solve scientific problems
  • High-interest thematic curriculum
  • Hands-on learning


  • Achieve high comfort level to converse in Chinese
  • Learn vocabularies relevant to daily life contexts
  • Gain confidence through language games
  • Communicative approach accentuates sense of achieving success
  • Develop a portfolio that includes speaking and writing projects

Class Schedule

Visual Art

  • Develop essential drawing and painting skills
  • Gain experience in using different art media to achieve varieties of effects
  • Introduce color theories
  • Introduce styles of famous artists
  • Model artistic styles after famous artists

Clay and 3-D Art

  • Develop craftsmanship and essential clay sculpting skills
  • Gain experience in using various types of clay to achieve different effects
  • Polymer clay
  • Light weight clay

Creative Writing and Drama

  • Enjoy an environment that encourages creativity
  • Effectively communicate creative ideas
  • Train young writers through the writing process
  • Introduce the story elements and how to utilize these elements to engage audience
  • Curriculum teaches character development through drama
  • A final performance will be presented to fellow students and parents

Speech and Presentation

  • Gain confidence in public speaking
  • Learn essential skills to engage audience
  • Introduce the genre of persuasive writing
  • Writing process focuses on organization of content
  • Creation and effective use of visual tools

Class Schedule