Electricity, Motion, and Light


Science is all about discovery and exploration, so the best way to get our kids excited is by learning with fun science projects. Yes, and a great variety of them! During this weekly summer camp, your child will learn about construction of different electronic devices – the specific parts and features, such as capacitors, stepper motors and diodes, including how they work.To learn about light, your child will have a blast experimenting color mixing with the crystal light. Learning more about the world of colors and how our brains perceive them, children will work on exciting projects, such as, Hand-Crank Flashlight, color mixing LED Crystal, Bright it Up with Lights and Colors, to name a few.


  • Gain knowledge of principles of circuit design and connections components, such as resistors, inductors, capacitors schematics diagrams, transfer of power.
  • Build and create electronic projects of LED lights and understand the interactions of brightness and colors.
  • Enjoy the scientific exploration and increase intellectual curiosity in learning physics
  • Develop critical thinking for problem solving and become more science-minded

THE BIG PICTURE Learning science could be intimidating for children, therefore introducing scientific critical thinking and building confidence in problem solving is most effectively achieved through activities, projects, and experiments. A summer camp is the best context to foster interests when it is free of stress from school work and offers plenty of space for exploration.