Drawing SpongeBob with Lines and Shapes


Your child will be proudly presenting you his/her art portfolio at the end of the camp! Cartoon characters touch the hearts of children because of their humor and child-like spirit. Cartooning would be a very comfortable starting point for your child to start his/her journey to become an artist. 

Your child is going to draw SpongeBob and other funny characters in our upcoming summer camp! SpongeBob lives on the ocean floor with other sea-life characters. He is made out of a sponge, so we need to illustrate his square shaped body with an easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial that portray the funny and kind spirit of this character. In the final project, each child will find an ocean friend for SpongeBob, characters created by our budding artists.

This weekly camp is an integration of art and geometry, analysis of pictures and objects made of different shapes. Your child will be exposed to different media: graphite, charcoal, color pencils, pastels, felt tip pens, and more! 


  • ​Get familiarized with basic drawing skills via SpongeBob art projects
  • Well-practiced in showing emotions of the cartoon characters
  • Gain understanding of how different ways of cartoon characters drawing would generate humor
  • Enjoy the opportunity to exercise creativity (without judgement) by creating a friend for SpongeBob
  • Find joy and build confident in just being happy and silly in a supportive environment 

THE BIG PICTURE Not every child will turn into the greatest artist of the century after learning to draw. However, besides discovery of artistic talents and aesthetic enjoyment, learning to draw helps children extend attention span, improve eye-hand coordination, increase space awareness, and practice creative problem-solving. Are you ready to hang your child’s SpongeBob and his new friend on your fridge?