Children Writing for Children


Whether they’re being told them or they’re a part of them, children’s eyes light up the moment a story begins. Now, our amazing weekly summer camp takes the thrill a whole step further… CHILDREN WRITING FOR CHILDREN!

Children learn about writing in the most fun way imaginable – by creating their own tales. We’ll help them take those first steps to a lifetime of imagination made real. During a packed week, they’ll learn how to create and draw cartoon characters and then craft exciting, involving tales for them in their own unique comic or storybooks. These will be aimed at – and then the authors will read them to – children at preschool. We know they’ll never forget those moments!


  • Understand different story elements of a literary work: plot, setting, character development, tone, and dialogue
  • Acquire skills to write an interesting story, such as creating conflicts, suspension, and resolutions in the plot to engage the readers
  • Acquire skills to grab readers’ attention by making good word choice
  • Enhance visualization ability and character development skills through cartooning and illustration projects
  • Acquire and practice public speaking and story-telling skills, such as tone, eye-contact, pace, to name a few
  • Students gain understanding of the connection between his/her own reflective skills, creativity, and aspiration

THE BIG PICTURE In an increasingly technical world, kids learn how satisfying it is to use the greatest tool of all – their own imagination made real. Their skills are carefully fostered and developed as they become storytellers; surely one of the oldest and most treasured of all human abilities. It’s also a lifelong skill that helps enhance critical thinking, increase self-confidence and improve communication.