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Camp Legend for Kids

Some parents might not be aware of the fact that there are different kinds of smart, according to Gardner’s theories of Multiple Intelligences. Schools tend to focus more on some than the others. All of the intelligences are important to a well-rounded development of your child. It is okay to focus on some during the school year. But summer is an optimal time to discover, nurture, and actualize those less attended potentials so that your child will have the opportunity to attain a holistic and well-rounded development of all the intelligences.
our summer learning programs and activities will help enable your child to understand how their intelligences contribute to their learning, creating, and problem-solving. The experience your child assimilates this summer will enable them to make sense out of the productions, projects, and activities they participate in. Most importantly, they will be made aware of their own learning progress and the improvements they have made in each of the intelligences, through assessments, rubrics, and debriefings. All these are done in a supportive and fun-filled summer environment at Camp Legend.

Camp Ingenious for Teens

Camp Ingenious has designed a series of enrichment camps just for teens to enable the development of their different intelligences. The summer curriculum and activities at Camp Ingenious encourage the application of knowledge, teamwork, as well as divergent thinking. Using the concept of “Nurturing Multiple Intelligences and Ingenuity”, our engaging content challenges our teen participants and sparks enthusiasm in their young mind for future exploration in art, language, science, technology, math, and engineering. Teens in and around Cupertino area all have busy schedule during the school year. They may put more time in developing some intelligences rahter than others following the school curriculum and its requirements. That should be okay if we are aware of the fact that summer is the optimal time to catch up on developing multiple intelligences. A well-rounded teen and a smart and happy teen. Why wait? Please give us a call to inquire about our summer camp in Cupertino specifically designed for middle school aged students.