Evidence-based After School Academic Programs

As partners in your child’s education, we want to ensure they are prepared for each step in their journey. This is why we are administering the ACT Aspire to your student in the after school program. ACT Aspire gives us information on how your child is progressing at his or her current grade level. Such information will help us tailored academic programs for your child. Teachers and administrators can, in turn, understand whether we need to intervene in areas where a child is falling behind, as well as determine if a student is ready for further enrichment opportunities.

ACT Aspire assesses the skill set, abilities, and knowledge your student has now, and helps us to create a good trajectory towards college readiness. If you think that it’s too early to think about college readiness, ACT Aspire reminds us that it starts at third grade. It is not meant to be a test to prepare for, nor do the results of ACT Aspire affect an individual’s chances of getting into any particular college or university. But it will help parents to make plans for their child based on multi year data provided by the test.

Your student will be taking the ACT Aspire in all the areas of English, math, reading, science and writing assessment in Legend Learning’s after school program. Our academically rigorous after school program in Cupertino will prepare your in the development in all five areas of English, math, reading, science, and writing.

If you are interested in knowing more about our after school program or want to know if our program is a good fit for your child, please contact us aftershool@legendlearning.com or give us a call at (408)253-6944.

Please visit the following links to learn more about the ACT Aspire assessment or to download a free copy of Why Take ACT Aspire?

  • English: http://actaspire.avocet.pearson.com/actaspire/home#5032
  • Spanish: http://actaspire.avocet.pearson.com/actaspire/home#5033


About ACT Aspire

At ACT Aspire LLC, we develop Summative, Interim, and Classroom testing solutions to help craft well-informed student pathways to college and career. We do this by connecting student growth from grades 3-8 and early high school in the context of college and career readiness.


Our solution is unique because it is a connected approach. ACT Aspire is anchored by the ACT®, now the leading college entrance assessment. Such continuity is unmatched by other systems.

Our approach goes beyond other solutions because the ACT Aspire Assessment System will provide standards-based reporting — with reporting categories based on the ACT College Readiness Standards — and aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

This means ACT Aspire measures student progress using the most comprehensive academic guideposts available. Thus, we’ve positioned our solution to add an exceptional dimension of actionable informational insight to your college and career readiness initiative.


Through evidence-based design principles, we craft items to measure college and career readiness skills and knowledge. Importantly, ACT has years of actual student data that we use to validate the successful alignment of our assessments.

These evidence-based, validated test development procedures and principles are in place and have been used to develop ACT Aspire items and forms. Our development team also works with subject matter experts in each content area to verify the alignment of items to standards and item classifications.

Thrive: A Well-Rounded After-School Program

A Well-Rounded After-School Program
features a well-rounded program which emphasizes the importance of the balance between academic achievements as well as social-emotional development.

Who should attend?
Students whose executive functions* are still developing and would be benefited from a well-structured routine with programs that promote social-emotional development, in addition to academic enrichment. Executive Functions include: response inhibition, working memory, emotional control, sustained attention, task initiation, prioritization, organization, time management, goal-directed persistence, flexibility, meta-cognition


  1. Academic Coaching, which trains work habits and organization skills, assists homework completion, and checks quality
  2. Guided learning offers a structured supplemental academic enrichment curriculum
  3. Include one specialized program based on assessment
  4. Include enrichment subjects: science, art, social studies and technology
  5. Chinese Program as a free embedded option

Terms and Schedule
1. Yearly term with monthly payment
2. Hours: program runs from 3:30 to 5:45 p.m. with pre- and post-program extended care (all included in the monthly fee)

Fee Schedule for 2015-16
Registration: $65 annual, waived for siblings
Monthly Fees:


5 days/week

4 days/week

3 days/week









(* Montclaire, West Valley, Stevens Creek, Foothill, Argonaut: 5 days: $182, 4 days: $165, 3 days: $145)

Material Fee:
$135 per school year (plus $25 for Chinese textbooks)

Extended Day: $30 per day

Special Min. Day:
$12.50 per day (e.g. parent-teacher conference days)

Special Pick-up: Varies, pls. talk to director

Late Pick-up or: $9.00 after 6:30 p.m

Early Drop-off: $14.50 after 6:45 p.m., $1.00/minute after 7:00 p.m.

Late Monthly Payment:
1. $25 if not paid on or before the 4th of the month
2. $55 if not paid on or before the 15th of the month

Thrive K-G2 Sample Schedule

Monday – Thursday



Transportation, Student Check-in, Snack Recess



Cross-Curriculum Theme Based Projects


Executive Training thru Friendship Games


Guided Learning or Chinese Option




General Enrichment:
Hands-on-Science, Technology, Social Studies, Arts & Crafts, communication, or Chinese through Art-Science-Technology
Optional Specialized Enrichment:
Art, music, sports, and chess, etc.

Movie of the Week /
Board Games


Extended Care


Thrive G3-4 Sample Schedule

Monday – Thursday



Transportation, Student Check-in, Snack Recess



Cross-Curriculum Theme Based Projects


Executive Training thru Friendship Games


Homework / Guided Learning




Guided Learning or Chinese Option

Movie of the Week /

Board Games


Extended Care


Hour of Code

We are pleased to announce that we will be participating in the Hour of Code Event held worldwide to introduce students of all ages and background to the joy of programming! 

Day: Saturday Dec 13, 2014
Time: 10:30-12:30
Place: 20299 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA95014
Enquiry: info@legendcp.com
Students will be using self guided tutorials to code on a variety of platforms from laptops to smartphones. Please invite your child to ring a laptop, tablet or cell phone for an hour of fun group activity! Experienced programmers and programming teachers will be available to assist the students and guide their learning experience. 
Come an experience 1 hour of coding fun at Legend!
We have concurrent Hour of Code event at the high school campus at 21050 McClellan Road, Cupertino, CA95014

Young Scholar Program

Earn High School Credits While in the Middle School

Young Scholar Program (YSP) is Legend’s early high school program for the advanced middle school learners. We believe what differentiates a middle school student is how proactively and early the academic roadmap is developed as a guide to his/her educational routes.  It is also our belief that students’ academic capacity should be developed to the fullest. YSP offers the academic vitality to challenge your highly talented learner and enable him/her to move full steam ahead. 




Cupertino After School

You will choose our Cupertino After School for the following reasons. 

After school Programs:

  • Early Reading
  • Early Math
  • Strong Chinese Programs
  • Homework coaching

Personality Development:

  • Multiple Intelligence Enrichment Programs
  • Work Habit Development
  • Friendship Building

Ideal Transportation Arrangement:

  • In-house Transportation Services to all neighborhood schools
  • Reliable and Punctual
  • No Mix and Match with Other Institutions

Our Cupertino After School has been providing enduring quality education since 1993. If your kids are attending schools in Cupertino, we will pick them up at their schools with our in-house mini-vans driven by our own staff. Please contact our Cupertino After School by Legend Learning at (408)253-6944 or email us at info@legendlearning.com. You will need to confirm with us on the availability of transportation services before enrolling your kids in our Cupertino After School as we have only limited space available for incoming students. We encourage you to plan early.


After School in Cupertino

Legend offers after school Academic Coaching for students from K to Gr. 8. Students are provided with expert homework assistance in all subjects by dedicated education professionals with Advanced Degrees in Languages, Mathematics and Sciences, among other subjects.  Thus, while most after school programs simply ensure that students complete their homework, Legend coaches also provide personal attention and tutoring, identify academic problems early, teach proper study skills for optimum academic performance, and encourage students to reach higher goals by completing supplemental exercises and more challenging problems. All Gr. 5-8 students are also offered appropriate academic advice to ensure that they receive the best preparation during the crucial transition from Middle School to High School. Legend students are also offered the option to enroll in special UC approved courses.

After school in Cupertino has never been just about academics. Legend understands those needs and offers a variety of enrichment classes. Lower grade after school students will have one enrichment class per day. Class curriculum are carefully planned out and adapted to fit the abilities of the students. Progress reports are provided to parents on a weekly basis. Enrollments are open to after school students taking individual courses.

After School Program K – G4

Legend After School is proud to be one of the best Cupertino After School Programs. Our after school program has a 20 years of experience serving the after school needs of the kids in Cupertino. On top of the after school care and support we provide to our students, we install an academically rigorous program that aims to give a boost to our students’ skills right from the start. Our kindergarten and grade 1 after school programs offer a proven effective transition program to get our students ready both emotionally and academically for the new stage and the new grade. Grade 2 to 4 programs are known for the vigor of our various supplemental classes and enrichment programs.  Legend provides in-house transportation services to neighborhood schools. All our mini-vans are driven by teachers and staff and therefore there will be no stranger pick up and no delay and mix & match with other centers and institutions.

To learn more about our Cupertino After School Program K- G4, please either give us a call at (408)253-6944 or email us at info@LegendLearning.com. Call now to make an appointment to visit us at 20299 Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA95014.

Self-directed Homework System

Work habit is as important as the knowledge in finishing homework efficiently and reaping its benefits. At Legend, after school homework tutoring has never been passive. We have installed a self-directed homework system to help students with their homework. Our tutors do not just wait for their students to ask questions. They act more like teachers who has a teaching plan for their students. Each teaching plan is customized to incorporate a student’s homework and supplemental learning progression, grade improvement plan, and other paced activities and assessments. Armed with the plan, our teachers provide an environment to help students develop good working habits through enabling self-directed behavior. Students have to fill out a homework tracking sheet and put in an Expected Time of Finishing (ETF) on each piece of homework assignment. Besides tracking the completion, Legend teachers will also check the quality and correctness of each finished assignment. Students will then be asked to put away each checked assignment before proceeding to other activities. Under the system, each student is held accountable to finishing his/her assignments.

After School Programs in Cupertino

Legend Learning Center is an ideal place to send your kids to for care and learning activities after school in Cupertino. At Legend, you will find a safe environment designed and built with younger students in mind. Our playground provides the outdoor space for breaks in between learning activities. Homework coaching is only one of the many benefits your kid gets at Legend’s after school programs. Other benefits include providing each kid with a supplemental learning plan and curriculum to augment studies in languages and math, enabling a good working habit, and taking enrichment classes at no additional cost. Our after school teachers are caring and experienced. While attending to your kids’ academic needs, our after school teachers do not forget their individuality. We treat each kid as an individual and guidance is provided based on that understanding. Our after school program includes a reliable transportation service, full-day specialty programs when schools are not in session, and STAR test prep at no extra cost. What you can expect at the end of the day after our programs, your kid will have:

  • finished his/her homework with quality and checked by our teachers
  • finished reasonable amount of supplemental exercises in language and maths
  • enjoyed time with friends and learn team working skills and
  • trained in the development of good working habits

And the rest of the evening is all family fun!

Don’t wait! Please check out our after school programs in Cupertino.