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4 Stress-Reducing Ways to Improve Your GPA

Academic stress comes from three main sources: Restrictions, Course Difficulty, and Competition. Restrictions come from a lack of alternatives of teachers available for teaching a subject, available courses offered, and arbitrary rules which can restrict your progress throughout your education. Course difficulty is self-explanatory. Some subjects are just taught in a tough way – and […]

Summer Camp: Lego and Robotics

Lego and Robotics To foster interest in engineering, Lego-Robotics Camps are designed to introduce basic programming concepts to children entering K to G4 through a series of extremely engaging robotics projects.  Powered by LabVIEW, a user-friendly icon based, graphical drag and drop programming environment is used to implement the curriculum. Besides programming, building executive skills, […]

Summer Camp: Writing-Public Speaking

Writing-Public Speaking The biggest goal for the Writing-Public Speaking Camps is to foster the love of writing. To attain this goal, high interest topics are used and interactive activities are adopted to create a fun-filled learning environment. While learning basic academic skills is a very important goal, students are encouraged to use their imaginations and think out of the […]

Summer Camp: Hands-on Science (K – G4)

Hands-on Science The Hands-on Science Camps are designed for children entering K to G1 as well as G2 to G4. Building the critical thinking behind the scientific process is the goal: hypothesizing, observing, data gathering, data analyzing, and drawing conclusion.  This goal will be achieved by exploring different exciting science topics through engaging hands-on learning. Their hands […]

Communication Through Technology and Art

Communication thru Technology and Art Communication should not be limited by words.  Effective communication is more than just gathering of words but arises from the critical thinking underlying them.  Communication through Technology and Art – This series of camps is about building the critical thinking that facilitates effective communication in spite of our youngsters being […]

Summer Camp: Visual Art (K – G4)

Visual Art Art is  everywhere around our children’s lives. Creativity and art skills are nurtured through the exploration of medium. Draw, paint, knead, build, etch, twist, and most importantly, create! Children will explore different art media and learn 2-dimensional(2-D) & 3-dimensional(3-D) design concepts.  They will bring home numerous art productions that they will take pride […]