Animation and Game Development with Scratch


This camp is intended as a fun and easy way for young students of any age to learn the basics of programming using the Scratch language. It creates engaging and interactive animations that you and your child will be thrilled! He/she will be proud to develop projects and present them in front of the class. 
Through visual interactions and easy to manipulate block-based elements, your child will learn fundamental computing principles such as: creating and using variables, conditional statements, loops, creating and using lists of variables, calling subprograms, using event controls from a keyboard or mouse, and loading and manipulating images and sounds. Pace of teaching accommodates children of lower elementary school age. While it is a stress-free curriculum that does not require any prior knowledge, teachers have prepared numerous extended projects to challenge the fast learners.


  • ​Gain familiarization of fundamental computing principles via animation and game development projects using Scratch
  • Acquire knowledge of introductory game design concepts through development projects and practices
  • Confident in displaying creativity
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of his/her achievement and success in creating the projects


Scratch is a block-based language that helps children feel very comfortable in learning coding skills. It is a stepping stone before taking up text-based programming, which young children may find challenging before their language skills become more mature. Learning to code is not only limited for “techno-kids” as it is commonly perceived. “Creative-leaning” kids would also find artistic joy in the creative process of animation and game development process. After all, art and science are the two sides of the same token. They both require, and thus, build patience to problem-solve, and give rise to the same joy and satisfaction from success.