Animal Homes

Animal Homes


Animal stories are great ways of learning about friendship and encouraging all kids of any age to explore their love of pets and animals. This camp is a fun and easy way for kids to learn about animal homes, their habitats–such as bird nests, and how they feed.

To make learning more exciting, the camp is delivered in the simulated adventure of park rangers (your child) saving the homes of the wild animals in the park and help them survive. To orient kids on the numbers of endangered species, we allow them to gather animal population data in a fun and easy way.

In the afternoon session, your kids will construct and code movable robotic animals using Lego WeDo 2.0 robotics kits.


  • ​Acquire science knowledge about animal habitat, in the simulated context of playing park rangers saving wild animals
  • Apply science knowledge to design temporary homes for surviving animals 
  • Acquire construction and coding skills using Lego WeDo.
  • Acquire beginning charting and graphing skills
  • integrate science and math knowledge, as well as robotics skills to create a scene of temporary animal homes to help them survive


This camp is developed to stimulate kids’ interest in learning science and engineering related subjects, using an overarching theme, Animal Homes. As much as science and technology is fun to learn, it may appear intimidating for beginners of young age. A kid-friendly theme may have the calming effect and add more fun to a summer camp for both beginners and experienced learners.