You will choose our Cupertino After School for the following reasons. 

After school Programs:

  • Early Reading
  • Early Math
  • Strong Chinese Programs
  • Homework coaching

Personality Development:

  • Multiple Intelligence Enrichment Programs
  • Work Habit Development
  • Friendship Building

Ideal Transportation Arrangement:

  • In-house Transportation Services to all neighborhood schools
  • Reliable and Punctual
  • No Mix and Match with Other Institutions

Our Cupertino After School has been providing enduring quality education since 1993. If your kids are attending schools in Cupertino, we will pick them up at their schools with our in-house mini-vans driven by our own staff. Please contact our Cupertino After School by Legend Learning at (408)253-6944 or email us at You will need to confirm with us on the availability of transportation services before enrolling your kids in our Cupertino After School as we have only limited space available for incoming students. We encourage you to plan early.


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