After School Programs in Cupertino

Legend Learning Center is an ideal place to send your kids to for care and learning activities after school in Cupertino. At Legend, you will find a safe environment designed and built with younger students in mind. Our playground provides the outdoor space for breaks in between learning activities. Homework coaching is only one of the many benefits your kid gets at Legend’s after school programs. Other benefits include providing each kid with a supplemental learning plan and curriculum to augment studies in languages and math, enabling a good working habit, and taking enrichment classes at no additional cost. Our after school teachers are caring and experienced. While attending to your kids’ academic needs, our after school teachers do not forget their individuality. We treat each kid as an individual and guidance is provided based on that understanding. Our after school program includes a reliable transportation service, full-day specialty programs when schools are not in session, and STAR test prep at no extra cost. What you can expect at the end of the day after our programs, your kid will have:

  • finished his/her homework with quality and checked by our teachers
  • finished reasonable amount of supplemental exercises in language and maths
  • enjoyed time with friends and learn team working skills and
  • trained in the development of good working habits

And the rest of the evening is all family fun!

Don’t wait! Please check out our after school programs in Cupertino.



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