A one-stop comprehensive program that guides your child through the learning roadmap,

with an added value of homework support and convenience for working parents.


Clear Goals. Accurate Vertical Alignment.

Measurable Results by ACT Aspire Test.


Early Action. Less Stress.


Sense of Achievement.

Joy of Success. Fun.


Discover. Innovate. Communicate.


Homework Coaching. Extended Care.

Transportation Service.

After School Program


Junior Scholar Track

Junior Scholar Track is the feature offering of Legend’s After School Program. It offers leveled, Common Core aligned classes on Math and English Language Arts. Learning results are verified using ACT Aspire, a college admission testing system tracking academic progress for students of G3 to G8.

ACT Aspire

  • National standards and tests with analytical reports of strengths, improvement plans and projected results
  • This is an essential tool to set individualized, target learning goals
  • Periodic assessments performed twice a year

Other Progress Tracking Effort

  • Weekly and monthly progress reports to maintain a close partner with parents
  • Parent-teacher conferences twice a year

Course Load

Both classes meet twice a week for a one-hour session. These offerings are all inclusive with a monthly subscription.

  • Singapore Math teaching method
  • Enhance ability to reason quantitatively and abstractly
  • Build critical thinking in problem solving
  • Familiarize applications of model drawing strategies
  • Strengthen ability to identify mathematical patterns
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy
  • Boost confidence in tackling challenges problems
  • Build critical thinking in reading comprehension and essay writing
  • Strengthen essay organization
  • Develop writer’s unique voice
  • Enhance sentence fluency
  • Expand vocabulary bank and improve word choice
  • Hone communication and presentation skills

Discovery Track for K-G2

Offerings in the Discovery Track include some designated classes from STEM and Communication Track, hands-on science projects, and Arts.

This is an enrichment option for the those who prefers not to start the Junior Scholar Track until their upper elementary school years.

Add Premium Classes to Customize Your Child’s Program

Parents find our after school program covers very well what the students need.  However, many still want to further customize it by adding a few electives.

We modularize our programs into semester-long courses. As a result, you could easily add elective classes from the STEM or Communication Track to your Junior Scholar Track program. By the same token, a K-G2 student can also add an academic elective to his/her Discovery Track based Program.

Take a look at the sample schedules and course offerings below. You will find it helpful to implement your customization.

After School Program Sample Schedules

Junior Scholar Track
Discovery Track
Period I Math: M,W
Eng LA: T, Th
Thematic Projects: F
Homework Coaching /
Elective Add-on from
Junior Scholar Track
Period II Homework Coaching /
Elective Add-on from
STEM or Communication Track
STEM Discovery: M
Drawing-Painting: T
Hands-on Science: W
Pre-Public Speaking: Th
Thematic Projects: F
Period III Craft, Fun Activities,
Board Games
Craft, Fun Activities,
Board Games


Junior Scholar Track
Period I Math: M,W
Eng LA: T, Th
Thematic Projects: F
Period II Homework Coaching /
Elective Add-on from
STEM or Communication Track
Period III Craft, Fun Activities,
Board Games




Tracks and Courses

Listed below are courses under different tracks. Courses under Junior Scholar Track are inclusive features in the after school monthly subscription program. Some designated courses in the STEM and Communication Tracks are inclusive but mostly are offered as electives.


Junior Scholar Track

Inclusive Features


  • Singapore Math aligned with Common Core Standards

English Language Art

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Academic Essay Writing

STEM Track

Add-on Elective Options


  • Scratch
  • Python
  • Java


  • Lego WeDo, Dash & Dot
  • Lego Mindstorm, EV3, LittleBits

Communication Track

Add-on Elective Options


Creative Writing

  • Stories
  • Rhymes & Poems
  • PPT Creation

Public Speaking

  • Poem Recitation
  • Story Telling
  • PPT Presentation

After School Program


After School Program Tuition and Fees

Enrollment Fee: $70 annually
Material Fee: $186 annually
Deposit: $175 (applicable toward last month of enrollment, NOT an extra fee)

Monthly Tuition:

5 Day 4 Day 3 Day 2 Day 1 Day
Tuition $643 $591 $518 $404 $227
Transportation $189 $170 $145 $145 $72
Monthly Total $832 $761 $663 $549 $299

Electives Tuition:
(20% off listed fees below for students from After School Program)

Junior Scholar Classes: $776 per semester (16 weeks, 32 sessions)

STEM Classes: $448 per semester (16 weeks, 16 sessions)

Communication Classes: $352 per semester (16 weeks, 16 sessions)

Legend’s After School Program has been serving the communities in
Cupertino, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Los Altos since 1993.

G5-G8 After School Program