About Us

About Legend Learning Center

Legend Learning Center started in 1993 to meet the needs for supplementary education in the San Francisco Bay Area. Legend provides tools, assistance and environment for attending students to excel. Because of its belief in providing a well rounded education, Legend offers a variety of courses and classes for parents and students to choose from. All along the way, Legend recognizes the importance of offering choices of educational programs and makes it its number one priority in program development.

Legend adopts a child-centered philosophy of teaching. We recognize the importance of motivational factors as crucial to successful teaching. Therefore, we make our courses fun to take, our classes packed with activities and our teachers great to get along with. We also maintain a friendly and non-intimidating learning environment. Back in 1993, we even spearheaded courses in self-awareness, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution and other human relationship related classes to elementary school aged students.

Legend also recognizes the importance of technology to education. The use of technology to augment the benefits of courses we offer. Our first computer lab was set up in 1994 to supplement teaching and provide drills in Math and Language Learning. From then on, Legend has been exploring, acquiring, installing, and implementing new technology for Learning Systems, Information Management Systems, and Knowledge Management Systems.

Technology aside, science education has always been a top need in education in the Bay Area. To meet the need, Legend offers hands-on science classes in various subject matters of sciences. These classes integrate theories with fun activities and allow students hands-on experience of the subject. Legend is currently experimenting offering hands-on science course on a distance learning basis.

In a recent development, Legend offers Education Consultation Services in teachers’ training, curriculum development, college planning, preparation, and application. We work with renowned universities in sourcing educational expertise and materials and manage these resources with a Knowledge Management System. Our partner schools offer paid teaching internship, free round-trip air-ticket and apartment accommodation. Our programs provide information and assistance to students who are interested in American college education.