Communication thru Technology and Art

Communication should not be limited by words.  Effective communication is more than just gathering of words but arises from the critical thinking underlying them.  Communication through Technology and Art – This series of camps is about building the critical thinking that facilitates effective communication in spite of our youngsters being in the early stages of language development.  Through these theme-based camp curricula, technology and art is used as a tool to help children strengthen critical thinking, which is essential for organizing thoughts, communicating ideas, and self-expression. 
Through engaging activities and projects, participants are guided to explore and learn the various ways that technology and art could enhance communication, productivity and fun.  From digital animation and art projects, the camps will bring the participants to a new level of technology and art sophistication.
Camp curricula are designed for lower and upper grades, K-G2 and G3-4, respectively.  All communication camps are full-day from 9:oo a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Optional extended care with structured indoor and outdoor activities is available during before- (8a-9a) and after-camp (3p-6p) hours.

K-G2 Camps

Communication thru Tech: Magic of Bubbles (7/7-7/11)

Bubbles have a natural magic on children.  It is an easy game to play and the ever-changing bubbles are fun to chase.  It boosts imaginations and fosters creativity.    This camp is designed to leverage this natural love as a springboard to expand vocabularies, communicate their fascinations, express inner feelings, and create funny stories through the use of technology.  Through the process of having fun, students sharpen their tools for communication as well as confidence for self expression.  This camp is for students entering G1-2 only.

Communication thru Tech: Space Adventure (7/13-7/17)

Through learning about “space”, children will be introduced to both creative and expository writing.   Technology is used as a tool of communication to explain what they have learned as well as create their own stories.   While having tremendous fun, they are working hard to narrate their adventures, expanding vocabularies, organizing information, and putting story events into logical sequence.  At the end of the camp, students would be very proud to show off their digital story book and a science report!  This curriculum is designed for students entering G1 and G2 only.

Communication thru Art: Love to Write through Drawing  (8/3-8/7)

Children are spontaneous to express their thoughts and feelings through drawing before language development has matured.  Drawing also directs their attention to the details of their environment and enhances their visualization of events.  The process helps the brain make connections among small bits of information and organize them into a bigger picture, which is the critical thinking that is essential to build writing skills.  This curriculum is suitable for students entering K to G2.

G3-4 Camps

Communication thru Tech: Magic of Bubbles (7/7-7/11)

This camp adopts a theme-based curriculum with a target to build scientific communication skills.  Blowing bubbles could be an easy game but the process of experimenting and identifying the most effective bubble reciepes would definitely build critical thinking and scientific mind.  To complete the ultimate objective for this camp, the students will be coached to communicate the scientific scientific concepts and process through describing, explaining, labeling, recording, and making conclusions.

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