The Lego Robotics for Kids summer camp at Legend Learning is a fun and educational approach to STEM learning. Students use popular Lego sets such as NXT robots to understand the value of team work in order to develop a wide variety of projects. Students are encouraged to use Mathematics, Physics and proven Engineering practices in order to achieve their goals. Challenges vary in level of difficulty and are designed to be adaptable to the tastes and personality of the students. The emphasis here is in learning how to best solve a realistic problem while having fun and learning important life  skills!  Our kids summer camp  in Lego Robotics is one of the few in Cupertino.
Some examples of projects include:
–          Developing and designing an all terrain Mars Rover
–          Building a moving human-like android
–          Designing a working catapult and trebuchet
–          Developing various moving robots designed to follow a set of instructions in a given path and time frame
–          Etc.
Skills Sets Encouraged and Developed:
– Proven Engineering practices such as design, development, testing, QA, and documentation
– Rigorous scientific inquiry and methodologies
– Understanding the difference between required and desired features
– Understanding the dynamic of efficient and productive teamwork to reach a desired goal
– Developing imagination, creativity and flexibility in designing a technical product which fulfills a set of desired features
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