Our 2013 kids summer camp is about Multiple Intelligence. We offer a wide variety of programs. Below are details about the programs. You should definitely find one that your kid will love. We are in Cupertino and have been serving the summer camp needs in the neighborhood for the past 20 years.

Linguistic Intelligence

Second and third languages – Most of our kids know a second language in our diverse community. But are they proficient in it? What about learning more of them, Hindi and Chinese, during our kids summer camp? What about considering taking a third one and choosing from Korean, Spanish, and Latin. Your kid will find a lot to learn from at our kids summer camp.

Logical-mathematical Intelligence

Mathematical problems in daily life – Expand the learning of math from our kids’ daily life. What does collecting coupons has to do with math? What about learning and playing a guessing game as a way to improve understanding of math? Our kids summer camp guide campers to look for fun math in their daily lives.

Spatial Intelligence

Build for Pic – Building with cardboard, milk carton, and all kind of household materials to create patterns for a photo op. Sound interesting? Come join us and we will have your kids send you all the pictures from our kids summer camp. You may be surprised at how much they actually understand.

Musical Intelligence

Song of message – Kids will share their messages with songs. At our kids summer camp, we encourage this alternative way of communication. We let kids parade the songs they like. Our teachers will teach camps how to communicate using this value tool.

Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence

Body Language/Message – What are human dominoes? What kind of messages will a choreographed activity convey? Kids can communicate with their body language in our kids summer camp. They will be given the opportunity to understand how people interpret these languages and see some concrete examples.

Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Intelligence:

Let the world know about me! – Kids understand themselves with a mental picture and announce to the world what they see. Our kids summer camp provides campers with ample opportunities to learn to build friendship by letting other campers who they are. Not all kids are the same and at our kids summer camp we help every student to understand and appreciate the fact that we can make friends with all kinds of people.

Naturalist Intelligence:

Science on the trail –Kids will document, differentiate, and categorize what they see on an outdoor trail. You’ll be surprised how much you have missed before. These activities go beyond the four walls of our kids summer camp and to study outdoors.

Please hurry up while there are still spaces and join our kids summer camp in Cupertino by calling (408)253-6944 or email us at info@camplegend.com



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