Kids Summer Camp in Cupertino

Kids Summer Camp in Cupertino Developing Multiple Intelligences

It is time again to plan your summer and Camp Legend is here for your child!

We offer more options in 2018, and browsing through the camps will already be exciting and fun!

From coding to robotics, fine art to hands-on science, there will be many that your child will looking forward to participate. And don’t forget the narrative writing and theatrics that will draw out the imagination and creative juice of your child!

Don’t want to lose any window for academic growth? We have you covered, too! In addition to the enrichment camps, an academic track is added this summer for G4 to G6 students. They also will have an option to join the enrichment camps in the afternoon, too! So it is a comprehensive program that offer both serious learning and tremendous fun!

Fun with a purpose. Legend’s summer will forever be one of a life time that your child will find meaningful and exciting!

Last but not least, a generous discount is offered when you enroll by 3/15. No minimum enrollment requirement! Yet, the more you enroll, you more you would save. And we could accommodate your changes when you adjust dates by 5/15.

So enroll now! At

We look forward to seeing you all again in the summer.

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