summer camps and beyond

Legend helps your child develop a multi-year roadmap with well-defined learning goals and measurable results. Whether your child is enrolled in our summer camps or school-year programs, he/she is always reaching a milestone and moving upward. 



Your Child Has a Positive Learning Experience

  • Start with a course at the right level
  • Learn at a comfortable pace
  • There is no learning gap
  • Learning will lead to positive, measurable results

You Have Peace of Mind

  • There is a clear trajectory of your child's learning
  • Give you good information to prioritize and maximize resources
  • Make logistical implementation easy

Summer Camps

STEM Camps: – Programming and Robotics Communication Camps: – Creative Writing & Public Speaking

School Year Course

Junior Scholar Track: – Reading, Writing and Math STEM Track: – Programming and Robotics Communication Track: – Writing and Public Speaking

After School Program

A comprehensive, one-stop, monthly subscription program featuring classes with well-defined pathways, homework coaching, extended care, and optional pick up service from school to Legend

Summer Camp

~ Fun with a Purpose ~


Meet well-defined learning goals each week


Reach a milestone on your roadmap


Have lots of fun


Portfolio showing success


Ready for the next level

School Year Courses

Both summer camps and school year courses could fulfill requirements of
your child’s multi-year learning roadmap. 


Junior Scholar Program


  • Singapore Math aligned with Common Core Standards

English Language Art

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Academic Essay Writing

STEM Track


  • Scratch
  • Python
  • Java


  • Lego WeDo, Dash & Dot
  • Lego Mindstorm, EV3, LittleBits

Communication Track


Creative Writing

  • Stories
  • Rhymes & Poems
  • PPT Creation

Public Speaking

  • Poem Recitation
  • Story Telling
  • PPT Presentation

Always Here for You

Learning solution is here for your child year round.

Individualized Learning Roadmap

Year-round, multi-year roadmap individualized for your child to deliver measurable learning results

A Team Who Cares

Caring, effective teachers and professional, responsive management


for Working Parent

Legend’s After School Program features classes in the Junior Scholar Program.  This is a one-stop comprehensive program that guides your child through the learning roadmap, with an added value of homework support and convenience for working parents.


A multi-year roadmap defines clear goals and brings measurable results.


Early action means better results with less stress.


Premium classes create opportunities for joy of success and sense of achievement.


Homework coaching allows higher quality family time.


Third party transportation service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Roadmap?

A roadmap is a multi-year plan that shows the pathways of different subjects that your child could follow to achieve a desired level. This is not a commitment but a personalized plan that shows a trajactory.

How does a roadmap help?

The roadmap gives you an overall picture of a set of long-term learning goals. It also:

  • makes sure there is no learning gaps,
  • ensure learning is at a comfortable,
  • pace and is a positive experience for your child,
  • gives you a clear trajectory,
  • helps you set smart implementation, prioritize, and allocate resources, and
  • gives you peace of mind.
What is a pathway?

A pathway consists of multiple leveled-courses, following which your child will reach a well-defined milestone. Each subject or interest area has its own pathway. 

Will my child still have time for other activities, such as music and sports, for him/her to adhere to the roadmap?

Yes, of course. All courses are semester courses and they are offered in different time of the year, Fall, Spring, and Summer. For example, if a student misses a course due to a seasonal sport, he/she can take it in the summer.

How do school year courses differ from the summer camps?

The content of the courses are offered as part of the camp during the summer. The morning sessions of a week’s camp covers one semester course. Parents have the options to enroll only in the morning (9:00 am -12:00 pm) or sign up add-on sessions in the afternoon (1:00 pm – 3:00 pm) for extra practice projects.