A Purposeful and Fun Summer

Supported by a Professional and Caring Team

Animation with Scratch

This camp is intended as a fun and easy way for children to learn the basics of programming using the Scratch language. It creates cool and interactive animations that you and your child can be proud of! He/she will get to develop projects and present them in front of the class. Through visual interactions and easy to manipulate icon-based elements, your child will learn fundamental computing principles such as: creating and using variables, conditional statements, loops, creating and using lists of variables, calling subprograms, using event controls from a keyboard or mouse, and loading and manipulating images and sounds. Pace of teaching are tailored to children of upper elementary school age. While it is a stress-free curriculum that does not require any prior knowledge, numerous challenge-level extended projects are available to keep the the patient and fast learners engaged!

Introducing Dash and Dot

Dash and Dot are a pair of robot friends. They partner with each other to perform different tricks. Drawing pictures, singing songs, blinking lights, dancing around. You name it! Your child is invited to join the fun with them in this summer! To perform these amazing tricks, your child will learn specific programming skills, such as looping, binary, conditionals, sequences and algorithms in a kid-friendly, icon-based platform. To make the party more exciting, the team is going to create and play out a story showing off all these amazing tricks. Are you ready to join?

Money Talks

Whether your child is meant to be an entrepreneur or future business leader, dreams of his/her own creations or even just a glimpse of ideas. This is a leadership camp where your child gets the chance to turn their dreams into action. Students will be guided to ask critical questions as they create props as products. They learn and apply concepts of production, banking, inflation, expenditures, revenue, interest and exchange rate in the business planning process. Then they will be playing different games about competition in real estate and resources. Finally, they will try to win their target groups of audience by presenting and promoting their businesses with different means.

If you are looking for a summer mixture of fun activities and structured programs, you will find them here at Camp Legend, a summer camp in Cupertino. We are conveniently located at 20289 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino.

Camp Legend offers a variety of summer camps for kindergarten to 6th grade children. They fall into two categories: enrichment and academic.

Our academic programs are aligned with our accredited high school curriculum. Children are prepared early on in a fun and supportive environment the skills that are necessary to become successful in subsequent learning. Academic summer camps include Math Readiness, Critical Ready and Writing Readiness, and Pre-Algebra.

Enrichment summer camps are many in categories, from Animation with Scratch or Python, Robotics, Lab Sciences to Arts. Camp Legend caters to various summer interests. You will find the summer camp you like at Camp Legend in Cupertino.

Check out details about our summer camps at http://camplegend.com or contact us at afterschool@legendlearning.com or call us at (408)253-6944.

Camp Legend offers its first summer @ Cupertino in 1993. We have been dedicated in one location serving the summer educational needs of kids in Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale.